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Decal 3M Dual Color Series 3635 - 210 White of America

SAO TAN VIET is the supplier of Decal 3M Dual Color Series 3635 - 210 White of America

Dual Color 3635 210 White

-  Decal 3M Series 3635 - 210 White has good light penetration and keeps color stable in changing light conditions Day / Night.

- 3M decal colors are very specialized and diverse compared to other conventional decals and are very popular with big companies and brands as the standard for the color tones of letters & logos, signs, light boxes, rooftop Sign etc ..

- One of the biggest advantages when using 3M material is its ability to keep color for a long time in outdoor conditions, product warranty from 5 ~ 7 years.


TAN VIET ADVERTISING CO., LTD / Specializing in supplying 3M Decal - 3M Film USA
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